The power of any nLIGHT network is multiplied tenfold by SensorView software. This intuitive and easy-to-use, web-based suite of applications gives authorized users the ability to remotely configure and monitor every nLIGHT system device. It also provides a simple and quick setup tool for creating custom configuration profiles that can either be scheduled or run on demand.

While SensorView is a powerful tool for communicating with an nLIGHT network, it is not required to be connected at all times, since it is not critical to the operation of the network.

SensorView is installed on a single host computer that resides on the same Ethernet LAN (or WAN) as one or more nLIGHT Gateway devices. SensorView can also be configured to communicate directly with a single zone of devices.

The SensorView software package is provided at no additional charge.

Specifically, SensorView allows for:
• Viewing device properties
• Customizing all device names
• Configuring all device default settings
• Editing device current settings
• Observing real-time device operational statuses
• Updating device firmware
• Grouping network devices
• Creating lighting profiles that outline device operation
• Scheduling lighting profiles to run at prescribed times with optional recurrences
• Managing user access of nLight Gateways and the SensorView program
• Printing reports on the network inventory and profiles
• Remote technical support via the internet

To learn more about SensorView, please explore the links to the left. If you would like to see a demo of SensorView on a live network, please use the credentials below:

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