Power / Relay Pack with WiFi

  • Description

    The nLight nPP16 WIFI is an nLight-enabled power/relay pack capable of utilizing a WiFi wireless communication network in order to interconnect with other nLight-enabled WiFi devices, an nLight Gateway, and/or a host computer running the nLight SensorView software application. This power/relay pack is ideal for interconnecting nLight zones across a WiFi network instead of installing a CAT5 wired backbone of nLight Bridge devices.

    Typically an nPP16 WIFI device is wired via CAT5 cabling to non-WiFi nLight devices. In this application, the nPP16 WIFI both powers and communicates with the locally connected zone of devices. It also functions as a wireless nLight Bridge, enabling the zone to communicate to the rest of the nLight network and/or Gateway. While typically deployed in networks with other nPP16 WIFI packs, communicating with nLight WiFi interface devices (nPS 80 WIFI), and nLight WiFi fixture mount sensors (e.g. nCMRB 6 WIFI) is also supported. nPP16 WIFI devices also can be used standalone to switch individual fixtures. In these applications, if the WiFi network is lost for a specific amount of time (default 10 min), the device will revert to a user configured default operation (typically lights on) until the WiFi network is restored.

  • Operation

    Every nLight power/relay pack has two primary functions: switching lighting loads and providing system power. For switching a lighting load, an internal 16A latching relay is used. To provide system power, the power pack transforms Class 1 line voltage (120-277 VAC) to Class 2 15 VDC. Besides powering itself, an nPP16 WIFI’s supplies up to 40mA of bus power from each of its two RJ-45 ports. This power is utilized by other devices within the power pack’s locally connected zone. nLight sensors and WallPods typically require less than 3mA each; therefore, an nPP16 WIFI can usually power its entire lighting zone. Additionally, the nPP16 WIFI has integrated current monitoring which is reported via SensorView.

    This device communicates using RS-485 through its local CAT5 ports or using TCP/IP through its WiFi wireless port. Together these features allow it to be daisy-chain wired (using CAT-5 cabling) and/or wirelessly connected (via a WiFi access point/router) with other nLight-enabled devices. Typically, an nPP16 WIFI is locally wired with nLight-enabled sensors and/or WallPods, forming a standalone nLight control zone. Once powered, the zone will automatically assume default operation, however it can be reconfigured via its devices’ push-buttons, via a wired or wireless connection to laptop running SensorView. Additionally, a computer running SensorView that is networked on the same LAN as the WiFi router can connect over TCP/IP to any nWiFi device in order to remotely configure it or the devices locally wired to it. If a Gateway (nGWY2) is added on the LAN, time based control and remote status monitoring can be performed as well.

    All nLight switches and sensors can be configured to output on one of 16 local or 128 global channels. Devices with relays, such as the nPP16 WIFI, can then be configured to follow one or more of these channels via the tracking channel settings. By default, an nPP16 WIFI is configured to follow all occupancy, photocell, & switch commands arriving on local channel 1.

  • Features

    • Wirelessly Communicates w/ nLight Network via WiFi
    • Wired Communication over CAT5
    • Supplies Bus Power over CAT-5
    • Self-Contained Relay Switches Line Voltage Load
    • Integrated Current Monitoring
    • Wirelessly Configurable & Upgradeable over TCP/IP
    • Push-Button Programmable
    • Extended Chase Nipple
    • Plenum Rated
    • Green LED Indicator
    • Utilizes 802.11b/g/n (WIFI)
    • Supports WPA2 (AES) Security
    • Supports direct TCP and UDP connections
    • Compatible w/ standard 802.11 wireless access points/routers
    • Capable of connecting to AdHoc networks
    • Increased range with 802.11n
  • Applications

    • Individual Fixture Control
    • Wireless Access for Single Zone
  • Specifications

    • Physical Specs:
      • Mounting: 1/2" knockout in fixture or junction box
      • Color: White
      • nLight Network Ports: 2 RJ45
      • Operating Voltage: 120-277 VAC (single phase)
      • Relay Load: 16A
      • CAT-5 Bus Power Output: 15 VDC, 40 mA per RJ45 port
      • Motor Load: 1/2 HP
      • Wires:16 AWG (2), 18 AWG (2)
      • Silicone Free
      • ROHS Compliant
    • Environmental Specs:
      • Operating Temp: 14º to 160º F (-10° to 71° C)
      • Relative Humidity: 20 to 90% non-condensing
    • Other:
      • UL and CUL Listed
      • 5 Year Warranty
      • Assembled in the USA

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